About Us

Shigehide Ushijima Webmaster and Site/Web design
Mikiko Ushijma… Webmaster and Contents coordination with Tracy, Mariya and Karen (Golden Retrievers)
email : info@living-with-dogs.com
Tel : 090-1654-2514
Contact-form : https://living-with-dogs.jp/stay/contact/feedback.html

Special thanks to… 

Midori Kawahara English web site advisor and Translation
with Moto (Basenji) and Hachiko (Shiba)

Yukiko Yokoyama… Translation and original goods coordination
with Sakura and Sumire (Labrador Retrievers) 

Tadao Inaba
 with Taro (Akita)

Yuko Morita… Translation
with Max (Golden Retriever) and Sandy (Cavalier)

Futaba Tanaka… Translation
with Pat (Flat-Coated Retriever)

Also thanks to all the guests for visiting or contributing to our Web site.